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Keepsake Wedding Gift Candle- Belle Savon Vermont

Keepsake Wedding Gift Candle- Belle Savon Vermont

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A keepsake gift that the new couple will be sure to treasure!
A classic 16oz glass jar of natural soy wax scented a selection of cruelty and phthalate free fine fragrance and essential oils featuring a custom made label with the Bride and Groom's Initial, Names and Date. The top is adorned with muslin fabric and a jute tie. Also includes a set of paw print matches signifying that with each purchase from my shop that a donation is sent to Pointer Rescue Organization which is committed to the rescue and rehab of pointers in shelters.

Glass jar with black metal lid, muslin and jute
Eco paper wicks

Jar measures 3 1/2 inches in diameter and 4 inches high.Burn time approx 80 + hours

These are custom made per order so please allow 5-7 business days :)

No paraffin! Vegan friendly. Pure, simple, natural soy!

I have searched for the best ingredients to use in my products. I use natural soy wax that is US grown and refined so that it contains no GMO's, no pesticide or fertilizer residues. I use cotton and paper wicks.
I always use fragrance that is NOT tested on animals.***** Phthalate Free!!*******
I find suppliers who care about the products they sell.
These are hand-poured at time of purchase🐾

Burning Note-
For optimum performance, I recommend for the first time to burn completely to the edge before extinguishing. This will contribute to a clean burn for the life of your candle:)

A note about soy wax:
Soy wax is made from natural compounds that are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Due to its low melting point, soy wax burns cool and slowly.
It is water-soluble and easily extracted making recycling easy.
Sometimes soy wax frosts,this is a natural characteristic similar to how chocolate reacts to heating and cooling. I want to keep the pureness of the wax and do not want to add any chemicals to prohibit this. It does not effect the quality of the candle.
Soy wax is a 100% vegetable by-product, not a petroleum by-product
Soy candle wax is a renewable resource
Soy supports our nation's economy and farmers
Soy wax is simply better for you, your family and your environment.
I donate to Pointer Rescue for every purchase made!!
No paraffin! Vegan friendly. Pure, simple, natural soy!
Brighten a rainy day, take a moment to savor the scents that make us smile:)

For maximum enjoyment, on the first burn melt all the way to the edge since soy wax has a memory and will continue to burn to the edge for the life of the candle resulting in a clean, waste free candle🌼

I find suppliers who care about the products they sell.
My packaging is compostable/biodegradable or reusable. No plastic packaging to be thrown away!

Capturing Vermont Beauty and Handcrafted Specialties!

Bon Jour!

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